iconic entrepreneursWe meet tons of entrepreneurs in the design work that we do. With an insane commitment to learning, we consider many of these entrepreneurs the best teachers.

Iconic Digital Agency is on a quest to become the area’s preeminent website designer and branding firm and we believe that by incorporating the characteristics of Indy’s most Iconic Entrepreneurs into our own work we can get there.   This blog series casts the light on the lesser known captains of industry – some of them we am lucky to work with.

This month’s Iconic Entrepreneur is Darye Henry from Reborn Code, a web development company located in Indianapolis, IN. We’ve  had the opportunity to work with them  several times over the last few months and most recently on the  redesign of the Hamilton Southeastern Library’s website.

Working with Darye and his team was amazing and we were able to learn so much from them.

Darye is consistent in his work, dedicated to his clients and is always willing to bring new ideas to the table in order to produce the best work possible. He is one of the most generous and humble entrepreneurs out there to work with.

Whenever curve balls or changes are thrown into a  project Darye is able to calmly take a step back, assess a situation and bring to light creative solutions that benefit the enhancement of the project.

Another strength that Darye has is his ability to manage large projects and a team with many moving parts. He has development systems that allow for efficient workflows that help to more accurately determine the needs of different projects.

Many do not know that Darye and his core team are accomplished musicians and artists. He is able to bring that creativity to the work that he does bringing unique solutions to problems. He appreciates taking the time and attention to detail to provide customers with a “handcrafted” feel to the work that he does which we were able to highlight in his logo that we designed for his company.

Recently, Reborn Code was featured in Fisher’s Magazine (along with Iconic Digital!) to highlight what Launch Fishers brings to the Fisher’s booming entrepreneurial community. In his interview Darye  was asked to describe his experience working with others in a shared work space. He had said this about his experience: “Typically music is better with a band because each musician is uniquely gifted. That’s what Launch is to me in an entrepreneurial sense.”

Darye’s understanding of dedication, ability to stay cool under pressure  and his  value of collaboration makes him and Iconic Entrepreneur.