graphic design and marketing fontsGood typography ideas in graphic design and marketing are tough to come by. We’ve shared a lot of thoughts on body copy and even more on our favorite and least favorite fonts… but what about type as art?

One thing to keep in mind: Make it meaningful. The problem with sprouting a good typography idea is that fashion needs to meet function. Designers, don’t be tempted to make typography artsy just because. Is there a reason that your W has sprouted tree branches with multicolored leaves? That W better stand for Wendell’s Landscaping… or something.

Here are some of our favorite typography ideas…

Typography Ideas Can Be Magical


The name Harry Potter is all over the place, now. This typography has become equally iconic. Warner Brothers did an incredible job of treating this typography in each of the Harry Potter movies. The great thing about the look from this particular film is that it is a lot going on… but it still is not too much. The metallic texture on the letters is really working well. Also, note that the Harry Potter logo is unique, and despite some characterized tails and descenders, it still maintains readability.

Iconic Typography For An Iconic Cabaret

Moulin Rouge

Founded in 1889, the Moulin Rouge Cabaret has become an iconic part of French history. Literally, Moulin Rouge means “Red Windmill” in French, and the windmill has become famous in art and film. Nothing like a little pressure when it came time to rework their branding. This typography is simple, classy, and perfectly conveys the blades of a windmill. The cleverly crossed words share the U, but both words still maintain grace and readability.

Graphic Design And Marketing For A Superhero


Arrow is a relatively recent television show that is based on the superhero, the Green Arrow. The typographical treatment this logo gets is truly awesome. It has great movement, an extremely unique texture and really conveys a feeling. It’s Robin Hoot meets Hawkeye (from Avengers), which is perfect for a superhero bow and arrow sharpshooter.

Is your typography iconic?

You don’t have to be in the entertainment industry to have awesome typography ideas for your graphic design and marketing materials. What matters most is that your typography ideas are serving a purpose. All of these examples are a strong visual that still conveys a message.

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