RebrandingWe’ve gotta take a minute to brag: WE ARE THE LUCKIEST DOGS EVER!

We were fortunate enough to work with the amazing staff at the Hamilton East Public Library for a complete rebrand and website redesign…  cue the happy dance.

We’ve been working hard with the team at the library for the past few weeks and we are excited that their branding and their new website is now live and available for the public to see.

Wondering how we developed their new look? Read on…

The Hamilton East Public Library Rebrand

HEPL Logo Instagram

We were dead set on giving the Hamilton East Public Library a new logo and brand identity that they would love. We started with the colors that we knew would communicate the right message. We wanted everyone to feel the energy and get excited about what this library has to offer. Here are the colors we chose:

  • Green represents new life, fresh energy, and success.
  • Blue represents trust and intelligence.
  • Orange represents energy and creativity.

Once we had selected our colors, we doodled up tons of concepts. We kept coming back to the concept of “Ideas Live Here,” which ultimately became the library’s new tagline. It was this tagline that helped us build the logo that you see today. Here are the logo elements at work:

  • The foundation of the logo is a book. After all, libraries once were made up of mainly books, right?
  • There are three shapes radiating upward from the center of the book. The blue kite represents the Noblesville branch, the green kite represents the Fishers branch, and the orange kite represents their third branch, which is the library’s online presence.
  • The three kites all work together to create a roofline shape. This is a direct reflection of the tagline, “Ideas Live Here”.

Along with this imagery, we selected a clean, bold, yet classic typeface that would be both beautiful and readable.

The Hamilton East Public Library Website

Hamilton East Public Library Site

When we took a look at the library’s old website, we immediately knew that Hamilton East Public Library needed a brand new website that was current, user-friendly (on both the front and back ends) and embraced the identity behind the rebrand. We worked on the design end, while the wonderful team at Reborn Code helped support us with major pieces like the library catalog and the integration of the library’s complex events calendar.

Here are some things we did to make their website design what it is today:

  • The library website is now responsive, which means that the website can be used on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
  • The imagery on the site is now bright, energetic, diverse, and represents the new vibe behind the rebrand.
  • The new corporate color scheme is incorporated throughout.
  • Many pages have been combined for better usability. The old library site had approximately 100 pages, while the new site has about 50.
  • Each age group now has their own homepage. Adults, teens, and kids now have a special page within the site that acts as an information hub for that age group.
  • The website is now on a platform that the library staff can manage internally, so that they can post to and maintain the site on a regular basis.

Looking for a rebrand?

We LOVED working with the team at the Hamilton East Public Library. If you are thinking it may be time to rebrand, we are happy to help! Drop us a line!