How do you capture leads effectively on your website? Do you rely on a contact form? Do you wait for someone to pick up the phone? Lead generation can’t be passive. To be effective, it needs to be proactive.

When Iconic Digital launched our website redesign last year, wanted a new way to connect with our audience. We revamped our content offers, but somehow, that didn’t feel like enough. We wanted a way to interact with potential customers on our site. We created online quizzes to provide knowledge to our audience, but they are also a lead generation tool.

In exchange for personal information, visitors take a quiz and discover what they don’t know about Branding, Web Design, Marketing, and Creative Collateral. It’s been approximately a year since we launched those quizzes and we want to see what we can learn by offering them.

Case Study: Online Quizzes As A Lead Generation Tool


Enticing headlines make people want to take the quiz.

Buzzfeed has greatly impacted the way we read now on the internet. But, more than that, they’ve changed the way brands interact with audiences. It isn’t enough to write a funny blog post. Users need to be engaged with interactive media. Online quizzes weren’t invented by Buzzfeed, but they certainly were perfected. You can find out what your Panera Bread food choices reveal about your personality. You can even find out if you’re the Zodiac Killer.

How has Buzzfeed made this content so popular? Irresistible headlines.

Knowing that not everyone will click every single link, Buzzfeed carefully crafts the headlines to match their target audience for a particular quiz. What’ll push their buttons? What will make a reader intrigued?

We set out to create headlines that mimicked this idea, but with our own spin. We wanted to challenge our audience. We wanted to see what they already know and didn’t know. That’s how we ended up with CTAs like: “How much do you actually know about branding?”

We’re assuming the audience knows something about branding. Why else would they be looking into branding services? But, we challenge them to prove what they know. If they do click into the quiz and take it, they’ll find content that pertains to their level of branding knowledge.

Forms don’t have to include 10 different fields.

One of the more interesting things we learned from offering quizzes on our site was that forms don’t need to ask users for every detail of their life. The team at Iconic has believed for a while in simplifying forms. Name, email address, phone number, company, and room for a message is all that’s really needed. But, could an even shorter form work just as well?
We decided to test this theory and discovered that it does in fact work. Because the quizzes are still pretty high in our sales funnel, we didn’t feel like users would be ready to share too much personal information with us just yet. So, we only asked for their name and email address.

In exchange for that personal information, we provide a quiz, a score, and some helpful, targeted advice about the topic of the quiz. And, in the past twelve months, we received 152 form submissions across four quizzes.

People take the quiz with the content they are most interested in.

By far, our branding quiz is the most popular quiz on our site. There could be a million different reasons for this, but we strongly believe that it’s because more people are interested in branding.

In our process, branding and website design often go hand in hand. In fact, some of our clients come to us looking for branding help and end up needing web design. Branding is also the starting point for larger projects because if your brand doesn’t resonate with your target market, then your website, creative pieces, and marketing strategy are probably missing the target, too.

The big takeaway here, though, is that if you want to discover what information your audience is most interested in, give them options and track the results. Because our branding quiz is the most popular quiz we offer, we know that more of our potential clients are looking for information on branding, which means we should be focusing more on branding content.

Quizzes may not work the way you hope they will.

When we first launched our quizzes, we were so hopeful. We had visions of qualified lead after qualified lead filling out the short form and taking our quizzes. That hasn’t exactly been the case. However, the quizzes have been beneficial in other ways.

  • We’ve learned a lot. We now know that quizzes may not be the magnet we wanted them to be, but we can still take something away from the offer. We do know that some people will fill out the form and those people may realize that they aren’t ready to go any deeper into our sales funnel, yet. This could be what keeps unqualified leads from reaching out to us, which means we can focus our efforts on qualified leads.
  • We know not everyone is into quizzes. Like Buzzfeed, we understand that not everyone is going to be into quizzes. But, those who are will fill out the form. We may not have closed a huge deal because of our quizzes, but we did receive over 100 unique leads that could have potential.
  • We understand potential clients better. It’s like we said, offering quizzes that cover multiple topics allowed us to discover what our potential clients are most interested in: branding. Because of this new knowledge, we can better target future content to meet the needs and demands of those potential clients.


Creating lead generation tools.

Quizzes may not be the right play for your brand. But, there is a content offer and lead generation tool out there that is right for your brand. If you’re having trouble finding the right lead generation tool, the team at Iconic Digital can help you wrangle a strategy to put in place. We love a great content offer and the power it brings to website strategies.on.

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