Celebrity logo design tyra banks companyThe logo design world is no stranger to faces. There are plenty of human faces in various industries, but most of them are stylized in some way. A new twist on faces in logo design? A portrait of a celebrity.

You don’t see it often, but when the Tyra Banks Company was doing their logo design and branding, they picked her name and her face as their flagship. Here are some thoughts…


Tyra’s face and name are both iconic. This stylized representation of Tyra is actually pretty dead on… down to the “smize” for which she has become so famous. Also, using a celebrity’s face as a logo is farily unusual. KFC did it (and did it well), but arguably, Colonel Sanders’ face got famous because he was in the logo… not the other way around. In any industry, unique is typically better, so we will give Tyra’s face the nod here.

The hair is an interesting shape. Interesting is good, because it gets people looking. Irregular shapes, while unusual, really have the power to draw someone’s eye.

The movement is excellent. Not a lot of logos have artistic movement, but this one definitely does. After the irregular shape draws someone in, the movement will keep them interested.


The typography does not at all match the elegance of the artwork above it. Arguably, the font is not great, and the T could be great… but it isn’t. Imagine if it could be integrated attractively with the hair.

On darker backgrounds, the logo comes off as a little scary. Especially on darker backgrounds, Tyra’s face seems ghostly. It would be a shame to box off the nice irregular shape of her hair… but in darker environments, it would have been better than her logo taking on such a scary look. They need to work up a better reverse version. Even turning the hair white with a nice silver gradient as it draws closer to the head could have worked.

There is something about the green eyes with the yellow T that is kind of a bummer. If the T had been green also, it could have made her “smize” pop that much more. It seems like a missed opportunity.

What do you think about Tyra’s new logo design?

All in all, a face as a logo is a fun idea, especially when the face is as iconic as Tyra’s. What are your thoughts about this logo? What does and doesn’t appeal? What could small businesses possibly learn from looking at a logo like this one? We would love to hear your thoughts!