When it comes to engaging clients and winning over potential clients, nothing will trump client services. While in the Client services help you retain and gain clients.past this might have been something the sales team passed off to another department, it’s not the case anymore. Instead, sales teams are learning the true value of clients services and how this way of thinking helps them win. Rather than making the sale and passing the client off to a different employee or team, sales is retaining the client. They’re creating a genuine relationship that continues to develop and help the company over a longer period of time.

Here’s how to win at client services:

Creating Relationships

One of the most important aspects of client services is trust. When a client trusts you team, the entire process becomes easier. The best way to gain that trust? Create a relationship. This isn’t the pick up the phone once every year or send a postcard like Grandma in Florida over the winter kind of relationship. This is a real relationship. You need to be hands-on and involved. They need to know you’ve got their back and you need to actually have their back. Help them understand that you’re going to work with them and for them.

Transparency in Processes

Another great way to build trust and really wow your clients is through transparency. Expose your processes. Show them and tell them how you do whatever it is you do. When they better understand what’s happening behind the scenes the more likely they will be to understand you’re the expert. The reason you were hired in the first place is because the client doesn’t have the time or understanding to accomplish something specific. Walk them through how you’re helping them and answer whatever questions they have about what you’re telling them.

Creating Magic

The “wow” factor is really what propels a client services team ahead of the competition. This is the point in the process where you go above and beyond. If your client has requested something, really knock their socks off. Even if the expectation is high, you have the opportunity to blow it out of the water. If they’re looking for something simple, make it extraordinary. Make them think you’re a magician. Make them think you’ve got a secret recipe of awesomeness.

Make Recommendations

Just because you don’t offer all of the services your client is looking for doesn’t mean you can’t still help them out. There’s a good chance that you have partner companies or know someone who can help your client. If your client comes to you with a request and you can’t help them, that doesn’t mean you just shut them down. Instead, help them out. Make a recommendation for a company or product that you know will satisfy their needs. If you don’t know one off the top of your head, then let them know you’ll get back to them and do some research on your own to help them out.

Check In

Depending on the type of industry you work in, you may not talk to your client regularly. You might help them for a specific time period or simply have an ongoing working relationship that doesn’t require you to check in frequently. Either way, don’t stick to that. Instead, reach out to them. Check in and see how things are going. They may not need anything from you, but that personal touch will help you stay in their mind. Then, when they do need something you can help with, you’ll be the first person or company they think of. But again, it’s about creating that relationship. It’s about being genuine in your desire to help them be successful.

The team at Iconic Digital may not all be client service reps, but our team goes above and beyond for clients. It’s just our nature. We geek out over great design. We contemplate messages until we get them right. We work with you to develop the strategies you need to win over your clients.

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