About Me:

My name is Paul Ford, and I am an entrepreneurship and business enthusiast who loves community involvement and interacting with others! Most of the time, I consider myself to be relaxed and easy-going, but I’m always fired up for a challenge! In this blog, I will talk more about myself and my experiences at Iconic Digital.


Some of my passions include:


Leadership is vital to the progression of any group or movement. Because I enjoy working with people and seeing them succeed, I have a natural sense of appreciation and respect for leaders. I am constantly working to grow and refine my leadership skills.


Starting a business allows people to take control of their own destiny and satisfy a need in the community, feats that I would consider extraordinary by themselves. Together, they create an ideal approach to life that I strive to pursue one day.

Innovation in the Workplace

I believe that every employer should work to create a workplace that inspires creativity and innovative ideas. This benefits business growth and makes work-life more enjoyable for hard-working employees.

Mental Health Advocacy

Mental health affects how people think, feel, and act. Advocating for mental health can help prevent mental illnesses, which would help decrease things like crime and suicide while increasing everyone’s quality of life.

Empowering others

I believe that if someone is capable of giving insight and support to those who need it, it is their responsibility to do so. By offering encouragement to others, people are able to contribute to something bigger than their own personal growth and further the progression of society.



At my school, I am the President of the Black Student Union and a proud member of both the Superintendent Student Focus Group and the Principal’s Advisory Council. I am also the Youth Ministry Liaison at my church. These are some of the leadership positions I hold, but I am involved in other things such as the Bring Change to Mind Club (mental health advocacy), DECA, Mock Trial, and right now I am proud to be writing as the new Iconic Digital Summer Intern.



Some of my achievements include…

  • Being a State Finalist for the DECA Entrepreneurship Course
  • Receiving the “Set a Good Example” (SAGE) Award from Hamilton Southeastern High School
  • Receiving the Character Award from the Center for Leadership and Development
  • Winning second place in the Business Proposal Competition hosted by the Center for Leadership and Development during their Business Orientation Project
  • Winning second place in the Innovation Pitch Competition hosted by the Started-Up Foundation


Future Plans:

I hope that all of these experiences will allow me to one day become a serial entrepreneur so that I can create many products and services to reduce everyday stressors in our society. Once accomplishing this, I plan to use my leadership skills to direct and empower others to do the same. As I progress as a student, a leader, and an aspiring businessman, I continuously look for opportunities to become a better person with more skills and influence. In the previous year, I had found one of these opportunities, that would ultimately lead me to Iconic Digital.