Learning about the Launch Fishers High School Fellowship:

I had crossed paths with The Launch Fishers High School Fellowship (LFHSF) Program four times (prior to me participating in it), but I had already decided it was the program for me far before the fourth encounter.

  1. I first found out about the program when it was mentioned in an article I had seen online. It talked about all of the benefits that high schoolers my age were receiving from the fellowship, and I was more than interested.
  2. The next time I heard about the program was on the first day of my junior year, where we had brief introductions and awkward icebreakers in nearly all of my classes. When people stood to talk about what they had done over the summer, to my surprise, several of them had talked about the LFHSF Program, and a few of them even received internships. I had already considered most of these participants as leaders around my school, so to make sure that I wasn’t being left behind, I made a mental note to look into it later. 
  3. A short time afterward, I ran into the LFHSF Program again when I was looking for entrepreneurship workshops. When I saw the fellowship advertisement, I was sure it was fate, so I put the registration date on my calendar so that I wouldn’t miss out on this great opportunity. 
  4. The final time I had come across the LFHSF Program before participating in it was when I was working on my Passion Project in my favorite class called Innovations (a class that focuses on finding new solutions to new occurring problems in our society). A representative from Launch Fishers came to the class to talk to us about the program and even hosted a short Q&A session. By this point, I was already registered for the LFHSF Program, but this allowed me to ask the few remaining questions I had before I started.

Each of these encounters prepared me for the real thing, which would turn out to be an even greater experience than I could’ve hoped for!


Participating in the Launch Fishers High School FellowShiP:

Before arriving on the first day of the fellowship, I was nervous. I realized that there would be many other students attending who were just as skilled as me (well, maybe not that skilled(haha)), but as soon as I arrived, my nervousness faded. I saw a lot of familiar faces, and even the people I didn’t recognize looked friendly. Instantly, my perspective of my peers went from fierce, contentious adversaries to gentle, pleasant companions. I knew that the memories I would make with them would be unforgettable. As the program went on, I got to listen to various speakers who talked to us about their entrepreneurial experiences, and their insight was truly invaluable. Furthermore, as the week progressed, we participated in many leisurely, recreational activities to get us acquainted with our peers, created resumes and LinkedIn pages, and conducted mock interviews for our moment of truth: Interview Day. When Interview Day came, I was confident. This is because, in the last week, I had created an amazing resume, crushed my mock interviews, and this led me to feel better about myself than I ever had before. Just as I had crushed my mock interviews, I had crushed the 23 real ones on Interview Day as well. Fast forward a few weeks and here I am, an intern at Iconic Digital, still as confident and assured as ever, and I absolutely could not have done it without the Launch Fishers High School Fellowship Program. It not only taught me more about entrepreneurship but it also gave me the opportunity to learn more about marketing at the best marketing firm in Fishers.