Fresh Start at Iconic Digital

As my internship began at Iconic Digital, I started to understand what the hype was about. They were different, and in marketing, that itself is critical. Standing out is what they are good at, and the team is constantly teaching me how to do so intentionally. As I begin to interact with more and more of Iconic’s unique clients, I become more excited about my own entrepreneurial pursuits. Even though most of mine are still in the drafting phases, I’m continuously inspired to work harder to make sure that my goals are achieved. By enhancing my marketing skills, I am starting to see business from a different perspective, and I can’t wait to see more.


Midpoint at Iconic Digital

As I reach the halfway point, I am starting to realize how much I’ve actually accomplished. So far, I have sat in on over 17 meetings, drafted over 23 social media posts, created 3 blog pages, and built the outline for a marketing plan. Also, I was just recently promoted to be the caretaker of our new Bob Marley Chia Pet. And you thought your job was cool. I can’t believe how far I’ve come in just two short weeks! I’m learning more about our clients every day and my improvement is becoming more and more apparent. I’m starting to memorize some of the acronyms that the team uses, and I don’t require half the instruction I did when I first got here. Learning the ropes has been fun, and the team has created an environment where I truly feel comfortable learning. I’m excited to see what I learn next.


Reflection at Iconic Digital

Every day at Iconic Digital has been an adventure. From the very beginning, my skills and experience (which were very limited in marketing) were embraced and appreciated. The team welcomed me with open arms, and now it’s hard to say goodbye. I’m excited to transfer the knowledge I’ve gathered here to some of my other involvements, but I know that I won’t be learning nearly as much. My experience at Iconic Digital helped transform my vision of entrepreneurship from something that was structured and systematic into something more fluid and vibrant. Now, there are so many more possibilities for me and my future ventures, that I never would’ve even thought of before. Even though I haven’t personally met all of our clients, they have inspired me in ways that would’ve been impossible from any other position. I’ll cherish all the knowledge I’ve gained at Iconic Digital, and use it to make my vision a reality. Thank you to the team at Iconic Digital for allowing me the opportunity to grow as much as I have!