Graphic Design ServicesGetting the right graphic design services for your target market isn’t always easy. Where we see business owners run into problems is when their tastes are distinctly different from the tastes of their target market. As a business owner, you should love your graphic design services… but you should also love it when you think about your graphic design in the context of your target market. Getting good graphic design services could be the difference between collateral that sells and collateral that gets lost in the shuffle. 

Create Buyer Personas

Before you even think about obtaining graphic design services, you should sit down and think about buyer personas. Who makes up your target market? Create an imaginary person that represents your target market as a whole. Give that person a name, a personality, hobbies, a job, likes and dislikes. Have some fun with it. By creating this buyer persona, it becomes easier to imagine what your target market will think of your graphic design services. Instead of trying to imagine whether or not your target market as a whole will like your look, you can focus on whether or not Betty Buyer will like what she sees.

Look at what competitors are doing.

If you want to get killer graphic design services that will sell for your business, you will want to see what other businesses in your industry are doing. There are two good reasons for taking this step.

  1. Well-funded competitors have done research. If you don’t have the time or money to throw at marketing research, take a look at what the big boys are doing. Chances are, they have done a ton of research to back up their graphic design. By looking at what multiple big competitors are doing, you draw conclusions about their marketing research without having to do it on your own.
  2. You will want to be the same, but different. As we’ve mentioned, it’s important not to ignore design trends that work… that said, by seeing what competitors are doing, you can make sure you keep the design trends that work, but you can shoot for a look that no one else has. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas on your own, we can help.

Examine your current graphic design efforts.

Take a step back and examine your current graphic design services. Does your design have a purpose? If so, what is it? What are your customers saying about your graphic design? Sit down and make a two lists:

  1. Make a list of design elements that are working for your business.
  2. Make a list of graphic design elements that do not appear to be helping you – or worse, they are hurting you.

Once you have your lists together, you will have a clearer picture of what elements of your look need to change. If you find yourself getting stuck, we are just a click away.

Are you thinking you need graphic design services?

Don’t worry… now is the perfect time to be thinking about getting graphic design services that sell for your business. We can help.

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