small marketing companyIn business it might seem like the small guy never wins. There’s always a bigger  company with more resources, more time and more money to invest in their projects and campaigns. It might make the small guys discouraged. But at Iconic Digital Agency we view being a small a good thing.

Here are some examples  of how small can be awesome.

A long time ago wars were fought with vast armies and man power was the key in winning. As time went on the way we began to fight wars changed dramatically.

Small elite became highly valued for their flexibility, lack of exposure and ability to see the solutions from a unique perspective. These high performance teams have went down in history (covert history) by making big wins for armies behind the scenes.

In a civilian context, there are many more things that we appreciate for their smaller counterparts like  laptops, cameras, medical gear and car emissions.

Do we even need to talk about the cell phone?

When you are looking for a marketing firm to help you brand your business, create a website or help you with creative collateral, you could go with a large firm, sure,  but there are advantages to investing with a smaller ninja-like team.

A small marketing company can focus on your needs.

There is something wonderful about being able to talk with a close friend one on one. You feel listened to and valued.

The same is true in business. With less people in the room , your voice can be heard and your needs can be listened to.  It  is important for your story to be reflected in your brand, website and other creative pieces because that is what will draw your target audience in to listen to what you have to say.

A small marketing company can bring it.

The ideas that is.

After listening to your needs and desires for your business, a smaller team can take the key pieces of your story and bring you fresh, and unique ideas that will resonate with your personal needs. Cookie cutter ideas won’t cut it. Only custom cookies for you when it comes to working with a smaller marketing firm.

A small marketing company can be flexible.

One of the greatest strengths for a small is team is it’s ability to pivot quickly while embracing and implementing new ideas. With smaller teams there is less red tape and politics to deal with. Their focus is you and getting you the best product possible.

A small marketing company can be a great partner to a larger company.

Large, established companies that want help in redesign and rebranding have a lot to do and very little time to do it in. They need a marketing team that can hear their needs, take initiative and bring creative solutions to the table.

Whether it is a large company or small company that has marketing needs it comes down to the same thing,.


A small marketing company can take the time to discover, build and communicate and story that will impact customer relationships, brand awareness and build brand equity for the company.

Think about playing a different game by moving differently from your competition and consider working with a flexible, you-focused team to meet your marketing needs.

Wondering if a team like this exists? Contact Iconic Digital Agency today.