Brillian guerilla marketing ideas 2Brilliant guerrilla marketing ideas are everywhere, and if you can, they are definitely worth emulating. Use these companies as a model for your own ideas. It might be time to consider some serious guerrilla marketing efforts. Why? Because guerrilla marketing is the truest form of inbound marketing… it’s marketing people love.

Red Bull’s Flugtag

Red Bull’s marketing is amazing in every way, but this event is the perfect example one of the best guerrilla marketing ideas to date. Their slogan, “Red Bull gives you wings” is taken quite literally for this annual event. Participants are invited to create flying contraption. The furthest flyer wins. The video footage…? Priceless. This is inbound marketing at its finest.
Dove Men’s Shampoo

Sometimes great guerrilla marketing ideas come from something as simple as a clever commercial idea. Dove has mastered this type of marketing. From their classic Evolution campaign to this hilarious men’s shampoo campaign, Dove is right on the money. This type of content is content that will go viral.

Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer

PanasonicTelephone wires as nose hairs… brilliant. This campaign is great because it is camera phone worthy. It gives a hilarious visual image of the problem at hand: trimming nose hair can be a tricky and delicate situation. Better get your hands on a Panasonic nose hair trimmer, everyone.

Big Pilot’s Bus Watches

WatchesNot sure if a Big Pilot watch is your style? Bus riders at this airport terminal had to try them on whether they liked it or not. This is the very essence of what the best guerrilla marketing ideas are made of: stealth.

Clam Shell Ads

Clam ShellWhen you are walking down the beach and you see a giant clam, you don’t expect to find an ad inside. Talk about great guerrilla marketing ideas… this one is a win. Nobody expected to see an ad for a seafood festival here.

Want more guerrilla marketing ideas?

Stay tuned. We will be adding to the series. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts. In the mean time, maybe it’s time to get ideas about how you can harness your guerrilla marketing ideas and use them for your business. The whole idea behind guerrilla marketing is inbound marketing. Want to learn more? Check out our free e-book below.