Margins White Space Dead Space Graphic DesignNewsletter design is important to get right. Aside from body copy treatment, one of the most important things you can do to improve your newsletter design is to get your spacing right.

Let’s clarify… when we say spacing, we are talking about margins, white space and dead space.


When you create a newsletter, you will want to decide how big your margins should be. Your margins should contribute to the flow and balance of your newsletter design. Do you have dense body copy? You may want wider margins that will leave more white space. If your body copy is double-spaced, you have the freedom to leave smaller margins. Margins can mean all the difference between a newsletter looking approachable and reader-friendly. Also, be sure to keep your look the same from newsletter to newsletter.

White Space

When do margins become white space? Basically, when they get fat. Leaving extra-thick margins will give you white space. Don’t freak out. White space can be a good thing. If placed properly and attractively, white space can provide a needed break from blocks of text. Also, white space has the power to create visual direction… think in terms of negative space.

Dead Space

Unfortunately, the line between white space and dead space is thin and VERY grey. Often, it is subjective. The bottom line is that too much white space leaves a page looking dead. You won’t want to leave your readers’ eyes in the doldrums of your newsletter. You’ll know if you have dead space when you open your newsletter, and the design strikes you as feeling… blank.

Not sure about your newsletter design?

You put a lot of work into your newsletter design. Messing up your margins, white space and dead space can really hurt your message. Don’t you want people to read it? Get your newsletter design right. Need help or have questions? Comment or contact us.