Think about some of the most Iconic brands. Now think about their marketing.

You might think of Coca-cola and their classic Mean Joe Green ad. A football giant. A kid. A bottle of coke and a complete change of attitude. Sure, it might be cheesy to look at now,  but it’s full of emotion. Have a coke and smile.

Maybe you love the Budweiser Clydesdales. Even if you aren’t into animals or horses, there’s just something about these commercials. The horses are majestic. And the commercials are full of nostalgia. They make viewers think of simpler times and make even this craft beer lover almost want to crack open a bottle (almost).

Combine soup, cold weather, and a snowman kid hybrid and you’ve got yourself a recipe for some emotion. While this Campbell’s soup ad  might be outdated, it still certainly makes me want to head over to mom’s house for a bowl of chicken noodle. It doesn’t pull at the heartstrings and make me want to cry, but it does connect me with my childhood.



Where’s Your Emotional Marketing?

Now, you may not have the money to develop an on air commercial like the above examples, but that doesn’t mean emotion doesn’t have its place in your marketing. And, emotional marketing doesn’t have to be some sappy sob story. In fact, emotion can be almost anything.

  • Love
  • Anger
  • Hope
  • Motivation
  • Fear
  • Inspiration/li>

Emotion comes in a lot of forms. You need to find the emotion(s) that will resonate with your target audience. With these emotions in hand, you can begin creating designs and content that will help you create a more authentic and compelling marketing strategy.

Features vs Benefits

When you go to write your emotional marketing copy for your services or products, do you write about features or benefits?

Here’s the difference:

  • Features are what your products do and what your services accomplish
  • Benefits are the outcomes customers and clients receive or achieve from using your products or purchasing your service

Which one sounds better to you? Which would make you feel more compelled to purchase something?

Hopefully, you answered benefits. By using benefits you can help your potential customers or clients see why they need your products or services.

Using Emotional Marketing to Back Your Benefits

Benefits are great. Everyone likes to know that the products or services they are purchasing will enhance their life somehow, but how do you make a benefit so compelling that a potential customer can’t say no?


Saying a product will give you more free time sounds really great. Who doesn’t like to have more free time? But, you can easily take that benefit one step further, make it more applicable to your target audience, and really drive home the point.

Let’s saying you’re targeting stay at home moms with your automatic sandwich maker. Your product is the first of its kind. It makes all of your sandwiches with just the press of a button. There’s your feature.

The benefit is that you get more time in the morning because you aren’t making sandwiches for everyone’s lunch.

The emotionally backed benefit is that you get more free time to enjoy every sip of your morning coffee. Or maybe, it’s you get more free time to stay in bed and enjoy the new Egyptian cotton sheets you purchased. Or launch the food blog you’ve always dreamed of. Or…you get the point.

Emotional marketing allows your target audience to connect to your benefit and your products/services faster and on a deeper level.

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