Is Your Social Media Marketing Boosting Your Business?

Small Business Marketing 12Social media marketing is one of those marketing tools that everyone is trying to figure out.  Too often, social media marketing takes up too much time, breeds frustration, and causes business owners to give up.  In this series of blog posts, we’ll touch on common mistakes and offer solutions for you to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to market your business effectively.

You Can’t Afford To Have Bad Design

If you are savvy, you know your customers are using social media. Why? Because a huge percentage of the population is using social media (in fact, 51% of the entire U.S. population use Facebook). Any marketing firm will tell you that social media management is important, but the biggest oversight in social media marketing: bad design.

How many times do you visit a business’s page and see poor cover photos, outdated imagery and fonts, inconsistent branding and poor image or video quality? Way. Too. Often.

Many businesses don’t think of their social media marketing as a design opportunity, yet when you look at trending social media posts, many of them are very visual. Bigger businesses like Coca-Cola, Budweiser and Starbucks have already figured it out. People want to share things that made them look twice. The question is… are your social media posts making your customers look twice?

So we have established that not enough businesses use their social media as an opportunity to present strong visuals… here are some tips to improve the visuals on your social media pages:

  • Use your logo in your profile picture. Many businesses do it, but they don’t do it correctly. Having a stale logo on your social media is no longer an option. Think of it as your chance to bring your logo to life. Change up the background. Change the angle. Change the size. Incorporate a current campaign. Customers who see your logo in your profile will commit it to memory much faster… especially if you are making regular changes to your profile picture to make them look twice.
  • Create an attractive social media homepage. Whether that means a great background on your Twitter page or an awesome cover photo for your Facebook page… you can’t afford to neglect it. Your competitors are providing customers with fresh, fun visual material that keep visitors coming back. Are you there yet?
  • Make them look. Infographics are really hot right now. So are memes. The days of basic photo sharing have evolved to become photos with captions, funny or compelling charts that share your message and simple memes that make people giggle. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to engage your customers by posting lifeless images.

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s important to remember the very essence of inbound marketing… give customer the information they WANT.  If you do, your target market will find you. Take some time to look at the social media pages of your favorite companies. What do their graphics look like? What do your competitor’s graphics look like?

Are you making your customers look twice?