According to Seth Godin, marketing strategy is all about spreading your ideas. In this Ted Talk, Godin talked about sliced bread and spreading your ideas.


Key Takeaways


Too Little Time, Too Many Choices

Today’s markets are over crowded. There are multiple choices for almost everything you need to buy. Aspirin, bread, cars, office chairs, the sky’s the limit. As a consumer, it’s great. We have more choices than ever, but as a marketer it makes our jobs more difficult. There are too many choices and we simply don’t have enough time to reach our target audience. The market is full of clutter because everyone is doing the same thing in trying to reach their audience. Marketing strategy needs to be focused on breaking through all of that clutter.

The Bad and Bizarre

Good is boring. People won’t notice the very good because it’s safe and it isn’t any different than what they expect. What they don’t expect, though, is the bad and bizarre. While you don’t necessarily want to create a product or idea that’s bad or bizarre, you need one that stands out. If you aren’t standing out, if you aren’t the purple cow, then you’re not going anywhere. People will walk right past your products. That’s why the bad and bizarre sell so well. People notice what’s new and different.

The Key Is In The Niche

In the TV Industrial Complex, everyone was marketing to the majority. If you created an average product, the average consumer would purchase it. The issue with that, though, is the average consumer is already stuck in their ways. They aren’t necessarily looking for anything new. Instead, you need to find your niche. The group of people on the outside of the masses and market to them. If that group is interested in your story, then they are likely to tell their friends about your idea. Once their friends know, then they’ll tell their friends and so on. But, you have to create something that the niche market cares about before any of it can really begin.Are you ready to build a digital marketing strategy that connects with your target audience? The team at Iconic Digital is ready to help you build a strategy and execute it to start spreading your idea.

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